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Training Updated for Citizen Responders


If you are thinking about getting trained in basic disaster response skills and becoming part of your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), or if you are already a CERT member or trainer, I encourage you to check out our updated CERT Basic Training course materials.

For those that don’t know, CERTs are a committed group of local volunteers who have received training in emergency response and preparedness who can play a vital role in assisting the community after a disaster. The updated CERT course materials cover topics ranging from first aid to search and rescue. We made some updates to improve the clarity of the training content, along with making sure that all of the procedures are up-to-date. We worked with multiple stakeholders, including local CERT trainers and technical experts, to update the Basic Training materials.

In addition to checking out the updated materials online, I encourage you to attend a webinar on the new and updated material on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011. Ensuring that communities are prepared before disaster strikes is a top priority for our agency, and making sure communities have the most up-to-date training curriculum is one piece of promoting individual and community preparedness.

If you have taken a CERT course recently or are interested in getting trained, I welcome your feedback on putting CERT training into action. As you are coming up with ideas, check out my last blog post about a CERT success story.


Other info
- CERT is a FEMA program sponsored by local government to train and involve community members in disaster response and relief efforts. For more information on CERT and to access the updated training, go to www.CitizenCorps.gov/cert.

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