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You are a true roll model Mr. Mayor. Here in centr...

You are a true roll model Mr. Mayor. Here in central California, Hollister, CA to be exact, I would like to see my mayor and city officials all take a part in this training and any other training that will help our community. Our company recently purchased a radio repeater and donated it to the county for the local CERT program. Now our county has emergency communications that is special for the CERT and local Fire Agents to communicate on a better level without interfering with the real emergency frequency. Needless to say, this caused a new kick in the pants for the 12 CERT members and filled the classroom for this seasons training program. <br />I am sharing your story on my page and blog. www.firsttrustindustries.com and targetingyoursafety.amplify.com <br />Preparedness is contagious!!
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