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Moving Commodities to Alabama

On April 28, President Obama declared a major disaster for Alabama after one of the worst tornado outbreaks in U.S. history tore through the Southeast. Alabama and Georgia were hit particularly hard, with large tornadoes traveling long paths and causing extensive damage.

Yesterday, FEMA began to send supplies to a FEMA staging area in Montgomery, AL to ensure the needed supplies are located close to the affected areas. More than 2 million liters of water, 1 million meals, roughly 60,000 tarps and other supplies are either en route or have arrived at the staging area.

If the southern states request supplies, items from the Incident Support Base will be sent forward to a Federal or State staging area, and ultimately transferred to the state. All points of distribution are identified and managed by the local/state emergency managers.

More than 100 generators are at the staging location, and could be used to potentially assist with the restoration of power to schools, fire stations, and other critical facilities.  As the situation on the ground changes, we stand ready to send additional supplies to support state response and recovery requirements.

Check out the blog post where we talk about our Incident Support Bases (ISB) – it references our logistical support base that supports spring flooding in the Upper Midwest. The ISB at Maxwell will provide similar support to Alabama and other affected States.

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