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Waffle House is an integral part of the South and every community in which they do business. Having worked for years at their corporate hdqtrs in Norcross I know this theme is the main point of their mission statement. Granted, they have been very profitable "looking out for the cash customer" all these almost 60 years but they relish their role of providing a local 'safe haven and a friendly smile' in every community and on every street corner where they are established. Responding to disasters is top priority and usually very expensive for the company but they also realize their very important role in being there for 1st responders, power company personnel, etc. as a community struggles to return. The company's top executives, and I mean the very top including the founder's son, respond personnally to every disaster, both showing up onsite with sleeves rolled up ready to work, to all-night long planning and response centers at corporate hq. They move heavens and earth to support their associates (see anonymous July 8 9:59 pm above) and their customers and their heritage when disaster strikes. They will stay open even when cooking by candlelight and Coleman stove, just to 'be there' with a friendly 'hello' and a smile - a safe haven - in the midst of disaster.