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My experiences at the Center for Domestic Prepared...

My experiences at the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Alabama were extremely beneficial to say the least. I can confidently say that I, as well as my fire department, are now more prepared to respond to a terrorist incident or any other catastrophic event. To quote a fellow classmate, "it truly was, world class training". Every aspect, from instructors to equipment, to the facilities of the CDP to organization was "world class". It was clear to me, that the CDP is a fully dedicated state-of-the-art facility available to us, as emergency responders, to better prepare us for a major incident response. <br /><br />The class that I attended, Technical Emergency Response to Terrorism (TERT), had approximately forty students from all around our country. I enjoyed training side by side with other emergency responders and getting to know them. In addition, it was an honor and privilege to train with Dr. Todd Jones, Superintendent of FEMA, Center for Domestic Preparedness. He was just another one of the guys in my four person group. I admire, people of his stature that take off the suit and tie and put on the boots, as he attempted to learn exactly what these classes are all about to better plan his budget. <br /><br />I look forward to continuing my education on terrorism incident response, as most of our fellow classmates had been to all of the other Department of Homeland Security funded classes; such as Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. I even ran into emergency responders that had been to the CDP in Alabama nearly ten times, as the CDP has a wide range of classes available. It was excellent training that I encourage all emergency responders to attend. <br /><br />William R. Farrell<br />Firefighter<br />Hudson Valley Region, New York
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