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Deputy Administrator Serino, You said it best. I...

Deputy Administrator Serino, <br /><br />You said it best. It's not a matter of implementing dozens of resources or throwing blocks of the day into preparedness and preparedness education. It's instilling the culture of preparedness, it's instilling the culture of taking ownership for oneself today and oneself post disaster. That's the way to afford the generation in grade-school the opportunity to survive and recover from a natural OR man made disaster. <br /><br />I'm excited about Maggie's forum emerging as we work with nearly 100 schools nationally and have our own forum in place - however it remains difficult to maintain an open and active group with only 70 - 100 participants on a regular basis. Providing a National Level and universally utilized portal will allow each school to be as prepared as the next. <br /><br />Chris Joffe<br />Joffe Emergency Services
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