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Tropical Storm Debby in Florida: 30 Days After

It’s been a month since Tropical Storm Debby severely impacted Florida and flooded a large part of the state, leaving thousands of Floridians in need of assistance.  Our team – consisting of partners from the Florida Division of Emergency Management, FEMA and voluntary agencies – has been working to serve the people of Florida.

Currently, we are full-speed ahead into the recovery phase of our operation.  As of today, 22 counties have been approved for assistance to individuals and households, while 30 counties have been approved for public assistance, and we are continuing efforts of working with our state, voluntary agencies and federal partners to ensure that our recovery message is heard clearly throughout the state.

After the first month of the federal disaster declaration:

  • More than 3,600 individuals and families have been approved for federal disaster assistance;
  • More than $17 million has been approved for federal disaster assistance;
  • More than 10,600 survivors have contacted FEMA for help or information;
  • We’ve had more than 70 state and community relations specialists covering all the hardest hit areas;    
  • 12 disaster recovery centers are open throughout the state offering people one-on-one support.   
  • The 30 counties designated for the Public Assistance program are moving forward with the applicant briefing meetings.

Through FEMA’s Individual Assistance program, we conduct inspections of damaged homes.  At this 30 day milestone, we have inspected 96 percent of all of our applicants’ residences. This quick response helps Florida survivors move rapidly through the recovery process to access the assistance for which they are eligible.

Additionally, as we move into the second month of our mission, essential programs for Florida’s long-term recovery will kick into high gear.  The Public Assistance program will help local and state government agencies handle disaster-related expenses, such as repairing or rebuilding storm damaged public roads and buildings.  At the same time, the Hazard Mitigation Program will advise survivors on how to rebuild safer, stronger and more resilient communities.

FEMA’s continued commitment to the Florida survivors will keep us here for as long as our services are needed.  As we move along, the Florida Division of Emergency Management and FEMA will continue providing updates on the progress of the recovery efforts from Tropical Storm Debby.          

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14/08/2012 - 13:36