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H.6: How to provide relevant and helpful support documentation

If there are no indicators of hazardous materials present at the project site, and if the reply from the state hazardous waste agency indicates no known hazardous materials present near your project area, attach the response from the state agency to your application in Section H of the PDM Environmental and Historic Preservation questions and write a short narrative in the comments box indicating no hazardous materials were observed during your site visit.

If there are any indicators of the presence of hazardous materials in your project area as a result of your field visit or research of past land use, attach a copy of the information obtained (e.g., the EPA web address showing your project area or a statement from the fire chief or mayor), a 1:24000 scale USGS topographic map showing your project site, and digital photographs of the project site and adjacent properties. Also include responses from any state or local hazardous materials permitting agency that you may have received. If any conditions or permits are required indicate that in the comments box in Section H, Question1 of the PDM Environmental and Historic Preservation questions.

Documentation of interviews conducted, copies of historical documentation regarding the site (i.e., previous land use information collected), photographs, diagrams or sketches indicating the location of present, past, or future hazardous materials use or storage at the site, and copies of previous environmental investigations or surveys conducted at the project site are all helpful and relevant supporting documentation.

If your project involves a building with asbestos containing materials, document how it will be managed or disposed of during the implementation of the project along with an estimate of the costs. Be sure to include a line item for this cost in your cost and Scope of Work sections of the PDM Application as well.

If your project involves the use of hazardous materials in the construction of your project, write a short narrative describing what kinds of materials will be present at the project site, how they will be stored, how they will used, how they will be disposed of, and any preventative measures that will be taken to prevent accidental releases of those materials in the comments box in Section H, Question 3 of the PDM Environmental and Historic Preservation questions.

If you have obtained any information which documents the past land use of your proposed project site, be sure to document and cite the source of this information in the comments box in Section H, Question 4, of the PDM Environmental and Historic Preservation questions.

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