Rotational/Developmental Opportunity: Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration Resilience Fellows

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Fellows will support efforts to advance disaster risk management, climate adaptation, and resilience integration across the emergency management whole community.

These fellowships will be 120-day, non-extendable rotational assignment. The first Fellows will begin in the fall of 2013 and then successive Fellows will be named in early 2014.

The National Mitigation Framework focuses on enhancing national resilience by understanding the risks we face, as well as empowering communities to take actions that put them in the best position to bounce back quickly and effectively when disasters occur. This Framework provides context for how the whole community works together and how mitigation efforts relate to all other parts of national preparedness. The Mitigation Framework emphasizes collaboration among various parts of the whole community and education—to ensure the capabilities continually develop.  To be successful, we must continue to foster a culture of preparedness—centered on risk and resilience— that is called for in the first edition of the National Mitigation Framework.

Priority 4 of the Administrator’s Intent 2015-2019 is to Enable Disaster Risk Reduction Nationally. It commits FEMA to “enable and facilitate greater disaster risk reduction at all levels nationally, thereby enhancing our resilience to disasters. We will provide analysis, tools, and information that support choices that guide individuals, communities, and national decisions toward reducing disaster risk. FEMA will foster and support adaptation in the face of a changing climate through our programs and our interactions with our partners. We will work to make best available data on projected hazard impacts – both current and future – widely accessible to communities. And where we can act directly, we will leverage our mitigation and insurance programs to maximize opportunities to further reduce the Nation’s current and future exposure to disaster risk.”

To advance the National Mitigation Framework and the Administrator’s Intent, the Resilience Fellows will work across the FIMA organization to ensure that the concepts of resilience, risk management, and adaptive capacity are embedded in the strategies, policies, programs, and practices of the many actors in the emergency management community.  In short, we will work to advance resilience at every opportunity.

Responsibilities of the role will include:

  • Providing analysis of and input to key national-level policy documents to advance the concepts of resilience
  • Working with the other members of the team to review existing operations with the objective of identifying ongoing resilience work, gaps, and  opportunities that could be exploited to further the resilience mission
  • Working with partners within FEMA, the Department, interagency, and non-profit and academic communities, to coordinate community resilience activities.
  • Supporting ongoing national-level efforts in the area of climate adaptation

Interested staff within FIMA should express their intent to their respective Division or Office Directors.

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