Region IV exceeds “Feds Feed Families” 2012 food drive collection goal

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By:  Sandra Wood, Region IV Office of the Regional Administrator

Region IV food drive booth

The generosity of FEMA Region IV staff resulted in an abundance of food donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank for its distribution to Atlanta-area families in need. This year, the Region IV Food Drive Committee set a goal to collect 3,000 pounds of food, which the region exceeded.

The Region IV 2012 Food Drive Kick-Off began with an ice cream social. The highlight of the kick-off (besides the ice cream) was a visitor from the Atlanta Community Food Bank who came and spoke about the purpose of the food bank and gave statistics on how many families they serve, how much food they distribute and other information about the critical role the organization plays in serving families in the Atlanta area. 

To spur a little competition, the Food Drive Committee divided Region IV staff into three teams:  Team Red, Team White and Team Blue. The food drive got off to a good start with 826 pounds collected for the month of June. In July, the Committee members held a “Cupcake Swap Day” where the members baked and brought cupcakes which were exchanged for canned goods; one canned item for one cupcake.  In two hours more than 300 canned items were added to the collection barrels, boosting total collections to 1,087 pounds for July.


Region IV food drive cupcake display

For the month of August, Region IV management was approached and asked if they would be willing to sponsor a pizza party for the winning team with the fullest barrels of canned goods and other items.  The proposition was based on the condition that the managers of the two losing teams would provide a pizza party for the winning team. They agreed!

The rest is history.  The items came pouring in!  When all was counted, the month of August yielded 2,810 pounds, bringing the Region IV combined total collected for the three-month campaign to 4,723 pounds, exceeding the initial Regional goal by 1,723 pounds!  Way to go, Region IV! 

Region IV food drive cannisters filled with donated food items.

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