New DIAMOND system to replace the legacy photo and video library

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By Sonya Haulsey, External Affairs

FEMA’s new DIAMOND Multimedia Library System runs the photo, video and audio library portion of the website.

This system replaces FEMA’s legacy photo/video library system, and is a more user friendly and cost effective system. 

For FEMA users, the benefits of using DIAMOND include the ability to upload multiple assets at once, improved search capabilities for locating records, larger file size limits, and tighter integration with Drupal, which is the content management system that runs

For the public, the new DIAMOND library system brings a new and engaging landing page, much larger photos and videos as rendered on screen, and the ability for our videos to play on iPhone and iPad devices.

Take a look at

Getting a DIAMOND Account

To become a DIAMOND user, you will need to participate in an online training program located on the Resources for Web Contributors page at  Reservists not currently activated may take the training upon deployment.  When you have completed the training, submit an incident ticket in Remedy indicating that you have watched the training videos, and that you are requesting a DIAMOND user ID.

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09/26/2013 - 17:36