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Forfeited use or lose annual leave may be considered for restoration if the leave was forfeited due to a supervisor requirement to perform essential needs of the public business or sickness of the employee, but only if the leave was scheduled and approved in writing by Dec. 1, 2012. The attached guidance provides details on the process to restore annual leave as significant changes have been made to the program.

Should you have further questions regarding use or lose leave, or donating your leave, please contact 1-866-896-8003, OCCHCO Operations-Pay & Compensation Unit or email: FEMA-HC-MYPAYSOLUTIONS@DHS.GOV

This document serves as guidance for timekeepers, employees and supervisors regarding forfeiture and restoration of annual leave for the year of 2012 which ended on Jan. 12.

Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave - In accordance with the law (C.F.R. 630.308 "use of the annual leave must have been scheduled in writing before the start of the third bi-weekly pay period (Dec. 1, 2012) prior to the end of the leave year." Leave requests should have been submitted using WebTA.  When an employee chooses not to request or use annual leave to avoid forfeiture; he or she is not entitled to have the forfeited annual leave restored.

Use-or-Lose Annual Leave - Scheduling of annual leave is a cooperative endeavor between the supervisor and the employee. Leave scheduling and considerations should reflect the needs of the mission and the wishes of the employee. While employees have an obligation to request annual leave in writing and in a timely manner, supervisors also have a responsibility of ensuring careful planning and scheduling of annual leave in order to avoid forfeiture of the leave.



Employee must have requested and scheduled annual leave using WebTA by Dec. 1, 2012. If annual leave was approved then subsequently denied, the supervisor must have processed the denial of annual leave and annotated the reason using WebTA. Employees are also required to make an attempt to reschedule annual leave (with the supervisor’s approval) within the remainder of the leave year. Failure to attempt to reschedule the annual leave could result in forfeiture.

  • If annual leave was not able to be rescheduled within the remaining leave year due to exigencies of the public business (operational/disaster emergencies) or illness, please proceed with Step 2.

If you complied with STEP 1, please continue with STEP 2, otherwise you do not qualify for Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave. For more information please visit:


After Jan. 13 (pay period 1), but before close of business March 9, (pay period 4), proceed with the following steps:

Employee Responsibilities:

1. Prepare a memo requesting restoration of the denied annual leave and route through the supervisor and/or Branch Chief for approval.You may use the attached sample memo. This memo contains pertinent information needed for the prompt and efficient processing of the request for the restoration of annual leave.

2. Attach the WebTA annual leave request that was submitted, approved and/or denied by the supervisor.  

Note: Remember that the process of submission of annual leave must have taken place prior to Dec. 2, 2012.

Timekeeper Responsibilities:

Complete a 2012 Certified Leave Audit (All Pages). Final annual leave balance should support the forfeited leave.  Click on the link for required leave audit instructions.

Note: The instructions will not print once the fields are completed. Questions regarding the WebTA process should be directed to the designated Timekeeper within your organization.

Supervisor Responsibilities:

Review the restored leave request and documentation (please use the checklist below) and forward a signed memo (scanned signatures are acceptable), required supporting documentation, with an approval email to OCCHCO Pay & Compensation Unit.

In order to consider your request, the email (including the full restore leave package) should be received before close of business March 9, 2013 (pay period 4).

We are no longer accepting paper requests sent by fax or mail. All requests MUST be submitted electronically by the Supervisor. The supervisor also should concur with the request and include specific reasons as to why there is no alternative to the denied annual leave.

OCCHCO - Pay & Compensation Unit Responsibilities:

  1. The Pay & Compensation Unit will review your request and send a confirmation email stating whether or not your request is complete or incomplete within three (3) business days of submission.

    Complete Request :
  2. The request will be forwarded to our Pay & Compensation Specialist for consideration.
  3. You will receive an email of a final decision and further instructions no later than May 18, 2013 (pay period 9).

    Incomplete Request:
  4. The request will be returned to the employee. INCOMPLETE or PARTIAL requests will NOT be accepted. Employee(s) must submit the completed request before COB of March 9, 2013 (pay period 4).
  5. Employee(s) should refer to the GUIDANCE FOR RESTORATION OF FORFEITED ANNUAL LEAVE for information on how to submit a proper application.

Questions about annual leave restoration, please contact OCCHCO, Pay & Compensation Unit at 1-866-896-8003.


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