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September Events

  • Save the date! September 19 – DHS Employee Preparedness Fair.
  • Save the date! September 25 – Panel Discussion: Performance management with the mobile workforce.

September is National Preparedness Month!

September is National Preparedness Month, which was founded after 9/11 to encourage and make information readily available to Americans to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. Throughout September, DHS will work with local, state and federal government agencies and the private sector, to highlight the importance of emergency preparedness, as well as to promote individual involvement through events and activities across the nation.

This September: You Can Be the Hero: Pledge to Prepare with your Family

Even children – as another audience in the Whole Community – need to be prepared for emergencies. Coinciding with Preparedness Month, the newest Public Service Announcements and pages in Ready.gov target this important population to advance the preparedness concept within families and schools. Public Service Announcements run at no charge to the agency and feature important messages that broadcasters insert periodically in their programming. Some news outlets, such as CNN and The Weather Channel, have considered the ads to be newsworthy:

Members of joint Procurement/Finance FEMA softball team pose for group photo on National Mall.Congratulations to the Punishers, the joint Office of the Chief Procurement Officer/Office of the Chief Financial Officer softball team, FEMA Softball League Champions. The Punishers and the Recovery “Category Six” teams played two spirited games to decide the title, wrapping up the summer-length competition at headquarters. Thanks to all who participated in the league! Make sure you join your colleagues next summer on the National Mall for good times and friendly athletic competition. Photo by Aaron Skolnik, FEMA

From the Field

New York City Hurricane Sandy Debris Removal Task Force Receives 2013 Green Star Award

The New York City Hurricane Sandy Debris Removal Task Force was awarded a Green Star Award, Sept. 2, 2013, for its outstanding response efforts to Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in partnership with FEMA and the City of New York, was an integral part of the Debris Removal Task Force.  USACE provided contractual oversight, technical expertise, reuse of debris streams and workload management, assisting with the removal of approximately 298,000 tons of debris.

The Green Star Awards recognize individuals, organizations, governments and corporations who make remarkable efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to environmental emergencies around the world. The awards are a joint initiative between the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Green Cross International and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Employee News and Announcements

  • Rotational/Developmental Opportunity Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration Resilience seeking Fellows to support efforts to advance disaster risk management, climate adaptation, and resilience integration across the emergency management whole community.
  • More Ways to Socialize FEMA is continuously working to find advanced ways to keep the public informed using social media. Stay connected with the latest social media conversations about preparedness, safety and emergency management as they happen in the Social Hub, FEMA’s new one stop shop for social engagement. The Social Hub features information on popular topics and updates from the National Weather Service and other trusted sources.  Looking for career information and company-focused messages? The FEMA LinkedIn page will now feature job postings, safety tips, workforce news and more!  
  • UPDATED! Deadline Approaching! Fiscal Year 2013 Year-End Closing Instructions  The Office of the Chief Financial Officer issued FY 2013 Year-End Closing Instructions on July 10, 2013.  The Instructions provide the guidance necessary for Program Offices to support OCFO in closing of the FEMA’s accounting system, the Integrated Financial Management Information System to FY 2013 transactions.  It applies to all FEMA employees to ensure that commitments, obligations, and expenditures are posted to IFMIS properly and in a timely manner.   

FEMA Social Media

Training and Career Development

  • NEW! Instructor/Facilitator Qualification Workshop Sept 23-27!
  • Headquarters Speed Mentoring Event October 17!
  • Webinar: Restoring Trust in Government: Who Can You Trust?
  • High Impact Succession Management: Research and Best Practices
  • Now Accepting Applications for the Graduate Academic Programs at the DOD Senior Service Schools
  • Mentor a Presidential Management Fellow – Earn Leader as Teacher Credit!
  • Understanding the Interagency – A National Security Primer for National Security Professionals from the U.S. State Department
  • Now Accepting Applications for the CHDS Master’s FY14 Cohort!
  • The next Virtual Employee Development Fair will be on Monday, September 23!
  • NEW! Learn how you can meet the Continual Learning and Leader as Teacher requirements!
  • Help innovate employee learning at FEMA!
  • Continual Learning Activity - Join the FEMA Leadership Library Book Club!

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