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Did you know? – National Preparedness Month is just around the corner! Check out www.Ready.gov and learn how you and your community can become Coalition members.

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Help FEMA Prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

If you have information about instances of fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement involving FEMA programs or operations, you should contact the DHS Office of Inspector General Hotline at:  800-323-8603; by fax at 202-254-4297; or e-mail DHSOIGHOTLlNE@dhs.gov.

Fiscal Year 2013 FEMAStat Fellowship Information Sessions Aug. 13-16

The FEMAStat team is coming to a location near you!  Join us the week of Aug. 13 to learn about the FEMAStat Fellowship Program and how to apply for a position during FY13.

What: The FEMAStat Fellowship is a 3 to 6 month rotation and professional development opportunity that will provide participants with experience confronting the most difficult challenges an agency faces. It provides cross-agency visibility on major strategic issues, as well as a unique opportunity to strengthen analytical and executive briefing skills. As a member of the FEMAStat team, you will be at the heart of strategic evaluation, performance management, and policy making – directly supporting FEMA’s senior leaders as they strive to improve emergency management outcomes across the country.

When: Meet the FEMAStat Team Aug. 13–16

  • Crystal City – Aug. 13, 12-1p.m., Conference Room 803A
  • Patriots Plaza – Aug. 14, 12-1 p.m., Conference Room 609
  • 500 C St. – Aug. 15, 12-1 p.m., Conference Room 326N
  • Regions via VTC – Aug. 15, 12-1 p.m., Conference Room 326N (Please email FEMAStat for VTC participation details)
  • Portals III – Aug. 15, 4:30-5:30 p.m., Conference Room 310
  • 800 K St. – Aug. 16, 12-1 p.m., Conference Room 408S (South Tower)

Who: The FEMAStat Fellowship is ideal for someone who strives to be a future leader in any organization. All FEMA PFT employees, grades 9-14, and all PMFs across the federal government are eligible to apply. Travel stipends are available for Regional applicants.

Application process: Anyone interested in a joining FEMAStat at any time during FY13 should attend one of these briefings and submit their application by Sept. 15. The FEMAStat Fellowship fulfills the rotation requirement of the FEMA Emerging and Future Leaders programs. Participants in those programs will have a later application deadline but are welcome to attend these sessions to find out more information.  

For questions or for more information email click here


  • Nation’s Youth Gathered in Washington for Community Preparedness Roundtable - This week members of the FEMA Youth Preparedness Council attended their inaugural meeting in Washington, D.C., to discuss steps to strengthen the nation’s resiliency against all types of disasters.
  • 2012 National Preparedness Symposium - This week, FEMA hosted the 2012 National Preparedness Symposium in Arlington, Va. Representatives across federal, state, local, tribal, territorial governments, the private sector, and faith based and community organizations gathered to discuss how to increase emergency preparedness in a way that builds community resiliency.


  • Nebraska Avenue Entrance Changes Effective Monday, Aug. 13 - The Nebraska Avenue Complex’s new employee and visitor entrance at Building 7 will officially open on Monday, Aug. 13.
  • OCFO Announces Posting of the CFO Bulletin #146 Rev. 2 – FEMA Facility M&IE Rates - The Office of the Chief Financial Officer posted a new policy bulletin on Aug. 7.
  • Announcing the Next Generation of the DHS HQ Website - DHS' HQ website is getting a redesign. The official launch is coming soon — within the next two weeks — and they just released a preview site for you and the public.
  • FEMA's Logistics Supply Chain Management System - It is an overview of the upgraded supply chain system that tracks commodities that are delivered to disaster survivors. The Logistics Supply Chain Management System links FEMA's partners, suppliers, distribution centers and provides real-time information to decision makers during an incident.
  • Employee Viewpoint Survey - The Employee Viewpoint Survey will launch to Stafford Act employees in Aug. 2012 and we invite employees to participate through a link that employees will receive by individual email. This means that for the first time CORE and Reservist employees will be eligible to participate in giving input through the survey. This is a major step forward in ensuring the input of our full FEMA workforce.

Training and Career Development Opportunities

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Fedtraveler.Com Release Notification

Saturday, July 28, FedTraveler.com implemented a Software Release which included corrective actions and system changes. The changes became effective immediately following the implementation.

The Corrective Actions are as Follows:

Blanket Amended Expense Report Displays the Alternate Preparer’s Name as the Traveler’s Name:

If the blanket child travel Authorization and Expense Report were amended, the Traveler’s name was incorrectly displayed as the Alternate Preparer’s name on the Approval Page and the approval could not be completed. Fedtraveler.com now displays the correct Traveler’s name and approval can proceed normally.

Travel Authorization Document Summary Displays Incorrect Other Expenses after Voucher Other Expenses Have Been Modified:

When a voucher was modified, the Travel Authorization Document Summary displayed the Voucher changes instead of the original Other Expenses. On the Expense Report page, the “modify” functionality for Other Expenses has been limited so the user can only modify dollar amounts. Changes to the expense name, date, or form of payment now require the Traveler to delete and re-enter the expense.

Allows an Administrator to Change an Organization’s Default Accounting String:

A System Administrator may now add or delete an organization’s default accounting string.

Justification Button Missing From Travel Authorization after Initial Input:

Previously, after a justification was entered for a travel mode exception (POV, Rental Car), the justification button was removed from the Travel Authorization page when the user navigated back to it. The justification button is now available for the user to enter additional justifications.

The latest Known Issues and Workarounds Document has been posted to FedTraveler.com.

System Changes:

Modify FedTraveler.com to support Firefox 8.0.

Fedtraveler.com now fully supports the use of Firefox 8.0. This version is now listed as a supported browser on the Organizer and New User Pages.

Delta Airlines holds the contract for WAS-BSB market but does not show as contracted in the Booking and Reservations System.

The Washington-Brasilia market has been updated to correct the display of the contracted carrier on Delta flights.

GetThere now displays the YCA/-CA correctly on government bookings that starts before September 30 and end after Oct. 1.

Reminder:  All travelers must use the official FedTraveler.com Fax Cover Sheet when faxing your receipts. The official Fax Cover Sheet can be printed by selecting the 'Fax Receipts' menu option on the Document Control page.

If you have questions, please call the Fedtraveler.com Helpdesk on 1-800-310-3169, Option 2.

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