FEMA Region VI Administrator Tony Robinson Keynote Speaker at 2013 Oklahoma Emergency Management Conference

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FEMA Region VI Administrator Tony Robinson stands in front of podeum.FEMA Region 6 Administrator Tony Robinson speaks at the 2013 Oklahoma Emergency Management Conference. The conference detailed preparedness methods and recovery status following the spring storms that impacted Oklahoma on May 18-June 2, 2013. Photo by Lawrence Evans/FEMABy Lawrence Evans, FEMA Region VI

FEMA Region VI Administrator Tony Robinson addressed local, state and federal officials Aug. 20, on the importance of individual preparedness at the 2013 Oklahoma Emergency Management Conference. The speech came more than eighty days after severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds and flooding impacted the state on May 18 – June 2.

During his speech, Robinson stressed that ensuring that individuals are prepared for any potential disaster is an integral component of Oklahoma’s recovery process. He emphasized that tornadoes weren’t the only natural disasters that Oklahomans should consider when preparing preparedness plans. Ice storms, control systems failures, infectious zoonotic disease and communicable infections were also listed as top threats for Oklahoma.

“We’ve got to continue to stress individual preparedness,” said Robinson. “That’s what’s going to save lives and properties.”

Robinson also praised the ongoing collaboration between the state of Oklahoma and FEMA as they continue to work together to ensure that Oklahoma recovers for the long-term.

“We were able to process a verbal declaration at present. Not in days, not in weeks, but in hours,” said Robinson. “That really set the tone. We’re looking to you guys in the future on how to move forward.”

Robinson was confident that this collaboration will continue to help Oklahomans as they prepare for life threatening disasters.

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