End of Fiscal Year Approaching - Fiscal Year 2013 Year-End Closing Instructions

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By Winona Cason, Office of the Chief Financial Officer

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer issued Fiscal Year 2013 Year-End Closing Instructions on July 10, 2013.  The Instructions provide the guidance necessary for Program Offices to support OCFO in closing FEMA’s accounting system, the Integrated Financial Management Information System to FY 2013 transactions.  It applies to all FEMA employees, but especially the financial management community, to ensure that commitments, obligations, and expenditures are posted to IFMIS properly and in a timely manner.  Actions must also be taken to prepare for FY 2014.

FY 2013 Ends on Monday, Sept.30, 2013.  Highlights for required action items over the next week include:


27 - Obligations for ACTIVE disasters entered into IFMIS no later than 2:00 PM EST

27 - Disaster travel obligated

27 - Grants obligation

30 - FY13 Signature Authority forms revoked at close of business

Please ensure all FY 2013 transactions are entered into IFMIS in accordance with the FY 2013 Year-End Closing Instructions.  The deadline is firm and cannot be extended to accommodate any organization.  

Please note that deadlines exist for September to meet FEMA reporting requirements.  Questions regarding deadlines should be directed to the points of contact identified within the instructions. “Miscellaneous Guidance” is available on the OCFO Financial Policy intranet site.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to: Greg Teets, Director, Financial Management Division at 540-504-1850 or Jennifer Clark, Chief, FEMA Finance Center, 540-504-1848. 


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