2013 Annual Payroll Updates and W-2 Availability

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2013 Pay Calendars

The 2013 taxable earnings year is from pay period 26, beginning Dec. 16, 2012, through pay period 24, ending Dec. 13, 2013. See link for available payroll calendar NFC.USDA.gov.

Employee Personal Page

The National Finance Center provides FEMA employees with access to an amazing automated personnel-related actions tool, known as the Employee Personal Page at:  NFC.USDA.gov. The EPP allows employees to view and update their address, Federal and State tax withholdings, Leave and Earning Statements, financial allotments, direct deposit, benefits, read news items from FEMA or NFC, and link to your favorite sites. As an added bonus, employees can access their EPP data from any personal computer with Internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. . Employees who are not current EPP users (or who need a new user ID or password) can locate sign-up instructions on NFC's Home Page(NFC.USDA.gov) by clicking the My EPP icon on the Application Launchpad.

If you earned wages as a FEMA employee last year, your 2012 Internal Revenue Service Wage and Tax Statement (Form W-2) will be mailed to your address of record no later than Jan. 31, 2013. The data on the W-2 includes salary payments for Pay Period 26, 2011 through Pay Period 25, 2012 (Official Pay Date 12/27/2012). Employees who worked during this tax year for more than one organization serviced by NFC will receive a W-2 containing the total wages paid by NFC for all organizations. The W-2 will be issued under the name of the current employing organization. .

Note:  Printed W-2s will be sent to the employee's address of record. Employees are to verify their residence address with NFC’s EPP is correct and make any changes or updates immediately to ensure receipt of your W-2. The address can be updated through the Self-Service Option of EPP. The address may be verified by reviewing the latest electronic Leave and Earnings Statements in EPP. Employee Indebtedness/Corrected W-2’s

To comply with IRS regulations, employees who have not repaid an indebtedness (e.g., salary overpayment) incurred during Calendar Year 2012 will have the outstanding debt included as taxable wages on their W-2s. The outstanding debt is subject to Federal income tax. Any payments which were made toward a debt or adjustments for state and local taxes between Dec. 17, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2011, could result in a corrected W-2. W-2’s that were adjusted after this period will be issued after Feb. 6.

State and Local Taxes

Employees are encouraged to review his or her Leave and Earnings Statement to ensure that taxes are being withheld for the correct state and/or locality. If taxes are being withheld for the incorrect state or locality, the employee should notify the Pay & Compensation Customer Support Unit at fema-hc-mypaysolutions@dhs.gov as soon as possible. The Pay & Compensation Unit has a limited capability to correct prior year tax errors, and 2012 errors not identified may require the employee to file a tax return to recover taxes withheld for the wrong tax entity.

IRS Updates/Federal Taxes

Federal Tax Exempt Withholding Internal Revenue Service regulations require that all employees who claimed exemption from Federal tax withholding last year file a new Form W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) by Feb. 25. If a new W-4 has not been entered in Employee Personal Page beginning Jan. 1, through Feb. 15, the Federal tax withholding status will be changed to single and 0 exemptions in pay period 05, 2013.

Thrift Savings Plan Contributions

IRS annual TSP contributions for 2013 are limited to a maximum of $17,500. Authorized biweekly contribution amounts or percentages will automatically carryover from 2012 into 2013 unless changed or canceled by the employee. If you are or will be 50 years old or older during the 2013 year and are contributing the maximum amount of $17,500 in your regular TSP contributions, you may make an additional catch-up of up to $5,500 for 2013. Catch-up contributions do not carry over from year to year. You must reenroll each year. . Deductions may be changed at any time in Employee Personal Page at: NFC.USDA.gov.

Combined Federal Campaign

CFC deductions for the 2013 campaign year will begin in pay period 01 (beginning Jan.13). The Internal Revenue Service has published a proposed rule which would require that CFC contributions made by payroll deduction be substantiated by both a copy of the CFC Pledge Card and a copy of the final Leave and Earnings Statement showing the year-to-date amount of CFC deductions.

If you have questions, please contact Pay & Compensation Customer Support Unit at 1-866-896-8003 or email fema-hc-mypaysolutions@dhs.gov

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