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In fulfilling the Administrator’s vision and direction of Every Employee is an Emergency Manager, the Response Directorate, Incident Workforce Management Office (IWMO) is seeking collateral duty personnel from FEMA’s full-time (PFT and CORE) workforce to support the Federal Surge Capacity Force (SCF) Program.  The SCF, mandated by the 2006 Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act (PKEMRA), provides for the ability to rapidly expand and supplement FEMA’s Reservist workforce with employees from other Federal agencies in the event of a catastrophic incident.

IWMO is seeking personnel to serve as SCF Specialists, who will deploy to various locations (National Personnel Staging Areas, JFOs, and component DHS Agencies) as on-site points of contact (POCs) during an activation of the SCF.  SCF Specialists will provide guidance in organizing, training, deploying and tracking of non-FEMA SCF personnel during an event.  SCF Specialists will coordinate with staging area, JFO, and other component agency staff regarding processing of SCF employees and tracking personnel assignments and duty locations; and will report that information to IWMO. 

The required training session that supports this activity has been reduced to 2 weeks, starting September 9th and ending September 23rd. Your program office merely needs to authorize your participation at the training;  IWMO will pay for your travel, lodging and training expenses. 

IWMO is currently determining primary and alternate personnel to serve in this capacity, and welcomes all interested PFT and CORE employees to apply for this opportunity. Please send requests for more information or completed application forms to Steve Oliver and Jeff Coble at or call 866-709-2328.



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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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