Reservist Program applicant review and recommendation process has commenced!

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Over the last two weeks, Bill Carwile, Associate Administrator for the Office of Response & Recovery, and Bob Fenton, Assistant Administrator for Response, have addressed the Reservist program applicant review panels meeting in Washington, DC and Glynco, GA.  In both locations the message was clear:  review and selection process is extremely important to building FEMA workforce capability and capacity.  FEMA relies on the Reservists to be the agency’s primary workforce for delivering our critical disaster mission.

Mr. Carwile discussed the importance of  “doing the right thing and taking care of our people.”  Referencing five different   FEMA workforce studies conducted over the last fifteen years, he  highlighted the experience and value that the Disaster Assistance Employees  bring to disaster operations.  However, he also discussed issues that have challenged  the DAE program, including maintaining qualifications and keeping personnel up-to-date with changing policies and programs. The Reservist Program will improve  workforce training, communications, and overall capability, ensuring we are prepared to rapidly respond to all hazards .

Program subject matter experts with field experience and FQS knowledge were assigned to the panels reviewing and recommending applicants to the Reservist Program.  Applicants were reviewed for demonstrated performance, experience and requisite training.  The panels reviewed FEMA training records, Automated Deployment Database histories, employee performance evaluations, and documents provided by the job applicants.  Once completed, the panel recommendations will be forwarded to the selection panel for validation and final approval.  When the selection panel has approved the candidate, Office of Chief Human Capital Office will complete the hiring process and notify employees.

The selection and hiring process will continue through the month of July.  Applicants who have applied to the Reservist Program should expect to receive notifications regarding their selection status in mid-August.

DAEs can continue to get the most current data related to the program via the Employee Information and Resource Center webpage!

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