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On June 22, 2012 we launched the preview site for the new FEMA.gov website giving each of you the opportunity to browse the site and provide feedback. Today we are pleased to announce the official launch of the new FEMA.gov.

Many of you have been involved in the migration of your office’s content and played a huge role in today’s launch. There are over 300 users who have been trained throughout the agency and we want to thank all of you who have dedicated many hours of your time to the migration of 3,300 pages of content.  It was your tireless work and dedication that allowed us to successfully launch the new FEMA.gov today.

FEMA.gov has an entirely new look and, more importantly, many new features for you to explore. Among the benefits of the new design are:

  • FEMA.gov menus now present key Topics and Sub-Topics that are more relevant to what users are looking for.  Users can scroll over topics and see subtopics and descriptions, which more easily guide them to the information they need.  The overall goal was to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a user to get to where they want to go.
  • Previously, content was made available based upon FEMA’s internal organizational structure.  The site now presents content in a topic-based format that makes sense to those the agency serves.
  • The URLs that you were accustomed to using have changed – you many need to adjust your bookmarks and/or notify stakeholders of the changes.  We have created a large number of redirects on the new website that will allow individuals to continue to use key URLs from the old site, but not all of the old pages will automatically redirect to the new location.
  • There were a number of pages removed from the website through the redesign process.  Program offices / regions were asked to identify pages that needed to be retained – all others were archived.

Every page on the new FEMA.gov site now has an owner from the program offices and regions who are responsible for the maintenance of their office pages.  Please take time to identify the person in your office who holds that responsibility.

This is an exciting time for FEMA and all DHS components. The new FEMA.gov site and Drupal content management system will serve as a robust foundation for future higher-level development work – including advanced data visualization, distributed content delivery via APIs, and other “open government” initiatives.   We are proud to be the “pioneers” of this initiative which involved a strong, efficient, and focused team; working together to accomplish major milestones such as greater cost efficiencies in operations of FEMA public websites, increased ease of access to critical disaster assistance information and preparedness tips for the American public, key content in multiple languages, greater interactivity, public participation, improved accessibility, and cross platform compatibility.


Thank you again for all of your efforts in helping us achieve these goals to institute an agency wide, web-centric culture for information sharing and collaboration, including training, marketing, relationships, and partnering. We encourage you to explore the new website using the new navigation, dropdown menus, and new search engine.  We also ask that you continue to send feedback to FEMA-New-Media@fema.dhs.gov and as you troubleshoot the site today please provide error messages and broken links to FEMAWebTeam@fema.dhs.gov.

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