Mission Impacts of Extreme Weather

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On August 27, DHS will host its first panel addressing potential impact of extreme weather on DHS missions, including response and recovery. The panel will be hosted by Alice Hill, Senior Counselor to the Secretary.  Guest speakers include Dr. Polk, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Health Affairs; Caitlin Durkovich, Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection; and Dave Kaufman, Director of Policy and Program Analysis at FEMA.

The potential impacts of extreme weather pose both direct and indirect security and resiliency risks to core DHS missions, including emergency management and disaster response, in addition to DHS’s infrastructure and operations.  This panel will address many of these potential impacts, as well as how DHS works to:

  • Ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure and key resources to potential impacts of extreme weather;
  • Ensure the nation’s resilience to more frequent or extreme weather events and natural disasters; and
  • Ensure the resilience of DHS employees, as well as the public, to the potential increase in virulence and prevalence of diseases as well as extreme heat events.

The panel will be held Monday, August 27 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at the Nebraska Avenue Complex in Building 1, Room 01-044. We invite and welcome employees in the National Capital Region to attend this event in order to learn more about the risks of extreme weather and the potential impact on DHS missions.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP by e-mailing Erin Cummings at Erin.Cummings@HQ.DHS.GOV by no later than COB, Friday, August 24. Employees with disabilities requiring accommodations, including sign language interpreters, should include this request in their RSVPs by COB, Wednesday, August 22.

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