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The FEMA 1-1-1 program has been modified and the issuing of an IronKey device to all FEMA employees is no longer mandatory. The 1-1-1 program is now comprised of a laptop, BB/iPhone and RSA Token.

IronKey secure data devices are still the designated flash drive for FEMA employees and the only authorized flash drive for use on FEMA computers. However, personnel are no longer “required” to have an IronKey issued to them.

As a result of the 1-1-1 program change, the FEMA IronKey Program Office is initiating the IronKey Recovery Program. The objective is to recover as many non-issued, unused IronKeys to the FEMA IronKey Program Office for reconditioning, testing, software upgrade and preparation for re-issue. This program began July 9 and will continue through August 31.

Guidance was issued to Supervisors, Accountable Property Officers, and IT IronKey System Administrators to begin implementing the recovery program immediately.

All FEMA personnel are provided the following guidance:

1.     If you have an IronKey and use it regularly you may continue to keep and use your IronKey.

2.     If you have an IronKey and do not use the device, please turn in the IronKey into your local property manager, and obtain a hand receipt for its return.

Please note that FEMA Employees and contractors are not authorized to use any other type of flash drive on a FEMA PC or network.

3.  If you need an IronKey flash drive at a later time, you may request it through your property manager, and if available, it will be provided to you at no cost. 

We are requesting that all employees and supervisors assist in this effort.

Thank you for your support of this program and your efforts to help us be good stewards of FEMA property.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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