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The FEMA Leader Development Program announces four new programs for PFT and CORE employees.  These programs, along with the existing Future Leaders Program, provide FEMA employees the opportunity to develop proficiency in leadership competencies through a series of activities and courses.  The programs include:

  • Emerging Leaders Program – For GS-12s and under who are new to the agency and are looking to develop leadership skills.  Applications are being accepted through July 20.
  • Future Leaders Program – For GS-9 – GS-12s who have some experience with the agency and are ready to develop collaborative skills.  Applications are being accepted through July 20.
  • FEMA Fellows Program – For GS-13 –  GS-14s who wish to gain experience developing strategy and policy for the agency.  Applications are being accepted through July 20.
  • Fundamentals of Leadership – For all newly hired or promoted supervisors to prepare them for their new role within FEMA.  The Fundamentals program includes the L90X Leader Orientation, Leadership Essentials one-week in-person course, and a series of interactive and independent study activities.   New supervisors will be automatically enrolled in this program.  Existing supervisors who have not completed the HR for Supervisors course will be enrolled in the Leadership Essentials course.

Also being introduced is The Pinnacle Series, a collection of activities and courses specifically for GS-15s that supports growth in their leadership roles within FEMA.  The first program, Communications and Organizational Ideas, features a two-day in-person session led by author Steven Gaffney (Just Be Honest, Honesty Works).  Applications are now being accepted through June 15, 2012.

Participation in all programs is fully funded, including travel and per diem.

Applications and additional information is available at the newly revised Leader Development intranet site, or you may contact the FEMA Leader Development Program at LDC@fema.dhs.gov.

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