The FEMA Internal Rotation Program - June 13, 2012

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The FEMA Internal Rotation Program is a professional development program designed to engage and strengthen the FEMA workforce. The Internal Rotation Program has updated announcements for interested employees.

The Career Development Office has posted the following five internal rotation announcements:

NEW  Office of Protection and National Preparedness
PFT / Executive Assistant, GS-11

The Office of Protection and National Preparedness is currently seeking an Executive Assistant at the GS-11 level for a 120 days rotation.

Acts as personal representative of the supervisor providing telephonic and personal contact with high-ranking officials of PNP and other FEMA/DHS and government departments and agencies, executives of state and local governments as well as executives from private industry.
Closes:  June 21, 2012

NEW Office of Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration
PFT / Policy Analyst, GS-12/13

The individual in this detail will provide direct support to the OEHP Director and Deputy Director in implementing the recent EHP Policy Assessment.  In addition, they will assist the FEMA Environmental Officer and the FEMA Federal Preservation Officer with the planning, development, coordination, maintenance, and refinement of guidance, policies, procedures, and directives for FEMA’s legal compliance with a wide range of environmental laws, regulations and executive orders, including the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Executive Orders 11988 and 11990 (Floodplain Management and Wetlands Protection), Executive Order 12898 (Environmental Justice), DHS Management Directive 5100.1 (Environmental Planning), and FEMA’s Environmental Regulation (44 CFR Part 10).  
Closes:  June 25, 2012

NEW Office of Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration
PFT / Program Coordinator, GS-13/14

The individual in this rotational Assignment will help OEHP and HMA develop EHP compliance strategies specific to HMA.  The individual will also represent OEHP in discussions concerning EHP compliance issues and concerns, some of which may be very complex and/or controversial, with officials from Federal, Tribal, State and local governments and private companies, the public, media, legal offices, and others. 
Closes:  June 25, 2012

Office of External Affairs
PFT / Private Sector Liaison, GS-12/13/14

  • Conduct outreach to and coordination with the nation’s business, academia, industry and non-government organizations. 
  • Collaborate with senior staff on a variety of  projects related to private sector engagement with national level organizations
  • Create web content and maintain the division’s online presence
  • Advocate for stronger private sector engagement on a variety of issues
  • Support highly visible national initiatives, such as the development of a National Business Emergency Operations Center, national conferences, or implementation of a pilot project

Closes:  June 15, 2012

Office of Policy and Program Analysis
PFT/ Program Analyst, GS-11-14

FEMA and the entire emergency management community are called to be our best during times of national crisis; and the past three decades presented challenges and conditions that necessitate continuous reevaluation of how we deliver emergency management services. To address those challenges, FEMA’s senior leadership uses a performance-based management process called FEMASTAT. This process involves a series of frequent, integrated meetings during which principal members of the FEMA leadership team use current data to analyze performance and identify solutions for ongoing problems. FEMASTAT is managed by the Office of Policy and Program Analysis, which is seeking several people for three-six month rotational assignments to the FEMASTAT team.
Closes:  August 1, 2012

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