Executive Development Opportunities - August 16

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The Career Development and Training Branch is accepting nominations for the following Executive Development Opportunities:


All applicants must be a permanent, full-time employee, employed with DHS/FEMA for at least one year, and achieved at least a “Proficient” on their last performance rating.


Tuition and travel are funded through a FEMA grant. 

Nomination Requirements:

Eligible employees must complete a CHDS Online Application and DHS Internal Application.

CHDS Application                                                   DHS Application 

Current resume                                                        Application Form

Recommendation Letter(s)                                       2 Recommendation Letters

Online NPS Questionnaire

Transcripts (not required for DHS ELP)


Recommendation letters may be duplicated.  All required CHDS application documents (except the CHDS/NPS questionnaire) must be submitted to both the school and Dynia Beaty.  For assistance completing the online application please contact the Help Line at (831) 656-3829.

Nomination Deadline:

Sept. 14, 2012

Point of Contact:

Dynia Beaty, dynia.beaty@fema.dhs.gov, 202-212-2084

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