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The Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer, Career Development and Training Branch is accepting nominations for the following Executive Development opportunities:

  • Federal Executive Institute – Leadership for a Democratic Society, GS -15 to SES
  • DHS/USCG Executive Change Leadership Program, Newly appointed SES
  • Excellence in Government Fellows Program, GS-14 to 15 and exceptional GS-13
  • USDA Executive Leadership Program, GS-11 to 13

Eligibility:  Applicant must be a permanent, full-time employee and meet the identified requirements of the school or training institution.

Funding:  Tuition for the Executive Change Leadership Program is funded by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Agency training funds cover tuition for all other listed programs.  The participant’s office, directorate or region is responsible for all associated travel costs.

Nomination Requirements:  Nomination packages must include:

  • Current resume
  • Applicant Program Expectations (memorandum to Executive Review Board discussing purpose for applying and application of new skills and knowledge)
  • Supervisory Letter of Recommendation
  • Standard Form 182 Form (Request, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training Form)
  • If applicable, specific program requirements, such as program applications, essays, transcripts, writing samples

Nomination Period:  May 14 to June 29, 2012

Point of Contact: 
Mary E. Waller, mary.waller@dhs.gov, 202-212-2083
Office of the Chief Component Human Capital Officer
Career Development and Training Branch
Portals III, 1201 Maryland Avenue, SW, 336.10
Washington, DC  20472

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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