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Emergency Declarations For Sheltering Evacuees

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States that receive evacuees from areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina may request an emergency declaration under Section 501 of the Stafford Act to seek reimbursement for costs related to sheltering operations. States and local governments can conduct sheltering operations or may contract with other sheltering providers for these services. States and local governments’ costs, including contract costs, are eligible for reimbursement.


After the President declares an emergency, FEMA deploys staff to the states to assist them in preparing their requests for reimbursement. States or local governments will be the applicants for all sheltering activities in their respective states.

Eligible costs include:

  • Transportation

    • From the impacted areas to the receiving state (i.e., planes, trains, busses, ambulances, etc.)

    • From the central location in the receiving state to the shelter sites

    • From the shelters in the receiving state to family or friend in other locations

  • Labor Cost

    • Overtime for regular staff

    • Regular and overtime for extra hires

    • Contract costs

    • Overtime for backfill for transferred regular staff

  • Shelter Operating Costs

    • Modifications to shelter buildings including addition of recreation equipment

    • Supplies (e.g., food, water, cots, blankets, etc.)

    • Janitorial services

    • Medical staff for emergency care, including mental health

    • Security

  • Sheltering of evacuated hospital patients

    • Operating costs such as administration and other services not including medical treatment

  • Schools

    • Temporary classrooms, including furniture

    • Mental health care

    • Extra costs of security at schools

    • Transportation from shelters to schools

  • Shelter/Transitional Housing

    • Lease for apartments, hotels or motels for up to 12 months

    • Reasonable costs for food for evacuees in facilities without kitchens, if contracted for by state or local governments

    • Furniture (rental/purchase) for rental units

  • Emergency Operation Center Costs

    • Overtime for force account labor

    • Contract labor costs and extra hires

  • Emergency Medical Care

    • First aid assessments, medical referral, medication, vaccinations, etc. at shelters

    • Emergency medical treatment at acute care facilities

  • Ineligible Costs

    • Long-term housing

    • Long-term provision of increased governmental services

    • Debris removal

    • Permanent repair of structures

    • Regular time for force account labor

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