FEMA E-74 Appendix F. Table F-4 Proprietary Details & Products for the Protection of Nonstructural Components

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Appendix F. Table F-4 Proprietary Details and Products for the Protection of Nonstructural Components

Table F-4 Proprietary Details and Products for the Protection of Nonstructural Components
Product Source/VendorProduct or Service DescriptionComments
Chatsworth Seismic Protection ProductsChatsworth Seismic Protection ProductsVariety of seismic protection products.
FlexHeadFlexible fire protectionProprietary flexible connection for sprinklers heads.
HiltiConcrete anchors and hardwareInformation on product selection, different installation systems, and load data.
International Seismic Application TechnologyInternational Seismic Application Technology (ISAT) Applications and Design ManualFocuses exclusively on mechanical, electrical, plumbing equipment and piping. Includes load tables and details showing use of products.
International Seismic Application Technology2003 IBC Specification Seismic Restraint of Suspended UtilitiesSample specification.
Kinetics Noise ControlKinetics Noise Control Seismic Restraint CapabilitiesBrochure presents restraint systems that serve to limit the movement of equipment during a seismic event.
Loos & Co.Proprietary details approved by OSHPD for use in California hospitalsIncludes collections of details, such as: Section 7, Sway Brace Components, Installation Instructions and Details.
Mason IndustriesDetails, Handbook, and online resources 
MetraflexThermal and seismic expansion joints for pipe 
Pacific Seismic ProductsASCE 25-97 listed seismic actuated valves for residential, commercial and industrial applicationsGas shut off valves and other seismic actuated devices.
Ridg-U-RakIsolation system for storage racksIsolation test of storage racks, both with and without transverse isolation. Movie of test available on website.
Technotes Issue No. 21
RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists
Base isolation system for museum pieces or equipment“Seismic Protection of Museum Artifacts using Base Isolation,” Bujar Myslimaj, Ph.D., P.Eng., Senior Specialist, Scott Gamble B.Sc., P.Eng., Principal, Ray Sinclair, Ph.D., Principal.
Safety CentralEarthquake safety fasteners, furniture straps, and emergency preparedness supplies 
Secure QuickSecure Quick Seismic Fastening SystemConsists of steel cable, wall bracket, and cable fasteners for attaching furniture to wood stud walls. Also provided on website, "Why You Should Not Use Plastic Tabs Devices, Velcro, Hook and Loop, Nylon Straps or Metal Braces."
Secure-ItPC Security HardwareProvides products to secure computer equipment. Intended as protection against theft, but security cables and hardware could also be adapted as seismic restraint for other desktop items. Available at Desktop Lock—Computer Cable Lock.
Seismic Restraints NZHardware and systems for contents: collectables, home, office, school, hospital, lab, and technology. 
Seismic SolutionsSeismic restraint for ducts, pipes, cable trays, and equipment using cablesServices include structural design, labor and materials for installation. Available at Seismic Bracing Details.
Simpson Strong-TieProvides load rated straps and tiesIncludes link for DIY (Do-it-Yourself) projects that illustrate the use of various connectors and adhesives, which could help with some nonstructural installations. Available at Home Project Connectors (Do-It-Yourself).
Strand Earthquake ConsultantsEngineering and products for nonstructural seismic mitigationDistributors for GeoSIG, Pacific Seismic Products, Metraflex, and WorkSafe Technologies.
Taylor Devices, Inc.Viscous dampers for equipment protectionAvailable at Seismic Dampers & Seismic Protection Products.
The Preparedness CenterEarthquake safety fasteners, furniture straps, and emergency preparedness suppliesAvailable at Preparedness.com
USG"Seismic Ceiling Resource Center"Includes a series of technical notes and guidelines related to ceilings, ceiling tracks, and shadow moldings. Available at USG Corporation and USG Seismic Ceiling Resource Center.
VikingFlexible connections for sprinkler headsAvailable at Flexible Sprinkler Connection Technical Data.
WorkSafe TechnologiesSystem for base-isolation of equipmentIsoBaseTM Seismic Isolation Platform
WorkSafe TechnologiesLarge variety of products for seismic protection of nonstructural components in offices, data centers, hospitals, laboratories, and warehouses. 

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