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Appendix F. Table F-3 Nonproprietary Details and Other Resources for Nonstructural Components

Table F-3 Nonproprietary Details and Other Resources for Nonstructural Components
Document Number/SourceResource TypeTitlePublication DateRelevant SectionsComments
ASHRAE /SMACNANon-proprietary DetailsSeismic Restraint Applications CD-ROM2002 Provides technical information for design and installation of seismic restraints for HVAC equipment, piping, and ducts. Includes representative bracing details, layout examples, and tables. Consists of portions of the following documents: SMACNA's Seismic Restraint Manual: Guidelines for Mechanical Systems; ASHRAE's Handbook - HVAC Applications (2003); and ASHRAE's A Practical Guide to Seismic Restraint. Produced by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association.
ATC-38Damage Inventory FormATC-38 Postearthquake Building Performance Assessment Form and Surveyor Instructions2001 10-page form and instructions that provides standardized damage percentages and standardized codes for ceilings and partitions. Available with the ATC-38 Project report, or from EERI
Dartmouth CollegeSample SpecificationDartmouth College Design & Construction Guidelines, Section 15240 Seismic Restraint and Vibration Control2004 Specification for the installation of equipment at Dartmouth College.
DGS, DSA (California )Guide and ChecklistGuide and Checklist for Nonstructural Earthquake Hazards in California Schools2003 Identifies potential hazards associated with nonstructural components and provides recommendations to mitigate hazards. Includes typical details and a nonstructural earthquake hazards checklist. Published by the California State Department of General Services, Division of the State Architect, and the Governer’s Office of Emergency Services, Sacramento, California.
DOISSPNon-proprietary DetailsNonstructural Hazards Rehabilitation Guidelines; Vol. I; Guidelines Usage, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing2003 Contains guidance gathered from various sources, both public and private sources. Includes both proprietary and non-proprietary details. Published by the Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation, Seismic Safety Program (DOISSP), Washington, D.C.
DOISSPNon-proprietary DetailsNonstructural Hazards Rehabilitation Guidelines; Vol. II; Furnishings, Interior Equipment, Miscellaneous Components, Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, FEMA 273, FEMA 310, FEMA 178, & ASCE 31-xx Excerpts2003 Contains guidance gathered from various sources, both public and private sources. Includes both proprietary and non-proprietary details. Published by the Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation, Seismic Safety Program (DOISSP), Washington, D.C.
EERIDamage Inventory FormEERI Reconnaissance/ Clearinghouse Report Form - Architectural and Nonstructural Elements2000 2-page form consisting of broad categories, several subcategories, and blank lines to report damage and gather damage statistics.
FEMANon-proprietary DetailsFinal Report, Nonstructural Earthquake Mitigation Guidance Manual2004 Based on FEMA Region X Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Handbook for Public Facilities, 2002. Includes flowcharts, step-by-step procedures and some details. Divides nonstructural components into four groups: contents, exterior building elements, interior building elements, and building utilities. Prepared by URS Group, Inc. for FEMA.
FEMA Region XNon-proprietary DetailsEarthquake Hazard Mitigation Handbook2002  
FEMA 74Non-proprietary DetailsReducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage: A Practical Guide. Third Edition1994 Successor document to previous editions of FEMA 74, first published in 1985.
FEMA 74 FMNon-proprietary DetailsFEMA 74 Field Manual2005 Includes three types of details: Non-Engineered, Prescriptive, and Engineered. Contains more details than FEMA 74, along with a field data sheet based on the FEMA 74 checklist.
FEMA 172Non-proprietary DetailsNEHRP Handbook of Techniques for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings1992Chapters 5, 6Relevant chapters include details for electrical cabinets, chimneys, parapets, masonry partitions, raised access floors, and mechanical equipment.
FEMA 412Non-proprietary DetailsInstalling Seismic Restraints for Mechanical Equipment2002 Includes numerous elaborate details and many recommendations for seismic restraint of mechanical equipment.
FEMA 413Non-proprietary DetailsInstalling Seismic Restraints for Electrical Equipment2004 Includes numerous elaborate details and many recommendations for seismic restraint of electrical equipment.
FEMA 414Non-proprietary DetailsInstalling Seismic Restraints for Duct and Pipe2004 Includes numerous elaborate details and many recommendations for seismic restraint of duct and piping components.
FEMA 424Photos, DamageDesign Guide for Improving School Safety in Earthquakes, Floods, and High Winds2004 Includes pictures of nonstructural damage (pages 4-17 through 4-19, 4‑23, 4-24, 4-30, 4-31); a list of types of nonstructural components (page 4-59); graphics for ceilings, shelves, and walls (pages 4-60 and 4‑61).
FEMA 454Non-proprietary DetailsDesigning for Earthquakes: A Manual for Architects2006Section 6.6, Chapter 9Discussion of code issues including nonstructural issues. Contains a collection of photos and generic details borrowed from various sources including: FEMA 74; details developed for the Lawrence Livermore National Lab; and the SMACNA Guidelines. Includes a discussion on the need for systems engineering, considering all parts of the building as a whole. Provides a checklist (Table 9-3) showing allocation of design responsibilities for nonstructural systems and components.
Los Alamos National LaboratorySample SpecificationSection 22 0548 Vibration and Seismic Controls for Plumbing Piping and Equipment2006 Specification for the anchorage of equipment at Los Alamos National Lab.
OCIPEP (Canada)Photos, DamageSeismic Hazard Assessment and Mitigation for Buildings' Functional and Operational Components: A Canadian Perspective2002 Contains figures and photos from various sources, including FEMA 74. Includes damage photos from 1999 Chi Chi, Taiwan Earthquake: damage to rooftop equipment (page 19); collapse of free-standing non-structural wall (page 20); and damage to sprinkler systems. Prepared by the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ottowa, for the Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness (OCIPEP), Ontario, Canada.
Oregon Emergency ManagementNon-proprietary DetailsEarthquake Preparedness and Mitigation Guidance for Oregon State Agency Offices and Warehouses2004 Focuses on office and warehouse occupancies, with special attention to storage racks. Includes photos and guidance including shrink-wrap and netting to mitigate potential falling hazards. Provides some specific information on performance of furniture by specific vendors (Hayworth, Steelcase, and Artmet).
PEER 2003/05Taxonomy and Nonstructural Damage Inventory FormResponse Assessment of Nonstructural Building Elements2003 Proposes a taxonomy (classification) of nonstructural elements by functionality, modes of failure, acceleration-sensitive or drift-sensitive response parameter, and repercussions of damage. Provides damageability, cost, and loss data for 200 elements. Includes a Nonstructural Damage Inventory Form used following the Nisqually Earthquake.
PEER 2003/12Non-proprietary DetailsImplementation Manual for the Seismic Protection of Laboratory Contents: Format and Case Studies2003 Presents case studies for University of California Berkeley campus labs. Suggests format for User's Manual that could be used to help occupants install do-it-yourself details for a particular facility.
PEER 2005/03TaxonomyA Taxonomy of Building Components for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering2005 Provides a detailed taxonomy (classification) of nonstructural components. Each component is assigned a unique identification number. The list differentiates between anchored and unanchored versions of the same item.
SandiaSample SpecificationSpecial Specification Section 13085S—Seismic Protection  Sample specification for the anchorage of equipment at Sandia (16 pages). Includes lists of equipment, detailed requirements, specific instructions for some items, load limits, and member sizes.
Seattle Public SchoolsNon-proprietary DetailsSchool Facilities Manual: Nonstructural Protection Guide. Safer Schools, Earthquake Hazards, Nonstructural. Second Edition2000 Includes detailed inventory form and details not included in FEMA 74.
Southern California Earthquake CenterPhotos, DamageNonstructural Seismic Issues in Public Schools—"Stairs to Nowhere"2000 Photos of damage in school facilities in Southern California.
University of California, BerkeleyNon-proprietary DetailsUC Berkeley: Q-Brace Quake Bracing Guidelines2005 Guidelines developed for University of California, Berkeley campus facilities. Includes detailed solutions for contents identifying vendor supplied products or size of hardware to use.
USACERL TR-98/34Photos, MitigationSeismic Mitigation for Equipment at Army Medical Centers1998 Presents simple methods for reducing the seismic vulnerability of equipment at Army medical centers. Illustrations, observations, and recommendations are based on examples from Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC). Concerns about particular well-anchored critical medical equipment are presented. Published by the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories.
VISCMA 101-07Sample SpecificationSeismic Restraint Specification Guidelines for Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing Systems2007 Sample specification for seismic restraint of mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. Published by the Vibration Isolation and Seismic Control Manufacturer’s Association, Wayne, Pennsylvania.

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