FEMA E-74 Appendix D. Emergency Systems Checklist

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Appendix D. Emergency Systems Checklist

Item No./
Component Name(s)Principal ConcernsCNCNAChecklist Questions
(Yes=Compliance; No or Unknown=Noncompliance; NA=Not Applicable)
Emergency Egress

Emergency system components were not covered in the body of the document but are an important consideration for providing earthquake safety.
Emergency EgressExit doors jammed, corridors blocked, no emergency lighting, falling hazards   If primary exit doors are heavy metal fire doors that might jam if the building racks during an earthquake, is there a crowbar or sledgehammer located near the exit to facilitate emergency exiting?
   Do automatic doors with optical or floor sensors and mechanized roll-up doors have a manual override in case of a power outage after an earthquake?
   Are the building utilities and architectural finishes along egress routes (piping, ducts, ceilings, lights, partitions, etc.) braced or anchored adequately to prevent falling obstructions and to keep the egress routes clear after an earthquake?
   Are the furniture and contents along egress routes (desks, supply cabinets, shelving, etc.) braced or anchored adequately to prevent falling obstructions and keep the egress routes clear after an earthquake?
   Are unanchored furniture and contents along egress routes kept far enough from the exits so they will not fall or slide and obstruct the doors?
   Have any unreinforced masonry walls in stairwells, corridors, and elevator enclosures been removed, strengthened, or encapsulated to prevent collapse during an earthquake?
   Are parapets, canopies, veneers, cornices and any other ornamentation above building exits braced and anchored to prevent collapse?
   Are emergency lights and exit lights securely mounted to protect them from falling off walls or shelf supports during an earthquake?
   Are transoms, skylights, corridor glazing or glazing above exits made of safety glass or covered with shatter-resistant film?
   If the building has elevators, does the elevator have a seismic switch?
Emergency Power Generation and Distribution SystemLoss of function   Is the emergency generator adequately secured, especially if mounted on motor vibration isolation springs?
   Is the concrete housekeeping pad adequately anchored to the structural slab?
   Is the diesel fuel tank adequately braced and anchored?
   Are the batteries and battery racks adequately braced and anchored?
   Are the fuel lines, cooling water lines, and exhaust flues for the emergency generator attached with flexible connections that are able to accommodate relative movement at junctions to spring-mounted equipment, at building entry and exit points, and at expansion joints within the building?
   Have the transformer, MCC, switchgear and bus ducts been checked?
   Have all the components of the emergency power generating system and the electrical distribution system been checked as part of this survey?
Fire Detection and Protection SystemLoss of function   Are fire and smoke detectors properly mounted?
   Is the control equipment for the fire alarm system and automatic fire doors securely anchored?
   Are the fire extinguisher cabinets and/or hose cabinets securely mounted?
   Are the fire extinguishers secured with quick-release straps?
   Are the fire sprinkler piping components laterally restrained in each direction?
   Is the ceiling restrained so the ceilings won't break the sprinkler heads?
   Are the distribution lines able to accommodate movement where they cross between buildings?
   Is the fire water pump anchored, or is it mounted on vibration isolation springs with additional seismic restraints?
   Is the emergency water tank or reservoir securely attached to its supports?
   Are the tank supports anchored to the floor and braced in both directions?
   Are the supports or braces properly anchored to the foundation?
   Are the smoke control fans properly supported and/or anchored?
   Are the fan control centers securely anchored?
Emergency Supply CabinetSupplies inaccessible in emergency   Is the cabinet properly braced and anchored to the floor and/or walls?

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