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Appendix C. Nonstructural Inventory Form

The intent is that Appendix C, Appendix D and Appendix E be used together as tools for the facility survey. The first step is to review the map in Figure 3.2.1-1 and discussion in Section 1.3 to see if nonstructural hazard mitigation is a concern for the facility in question. If so, then Appendix C and Appendix D can be used in tandem to perform the survey. Risk ratings from Appendix E could be added to the inventory form during the field survey or added later in order to help prioritize the items in the list.

The questions in Appendix D are stated in such a way that the answer "No" or "Unknown" indicates that the component may be noncompliant and likely to pose a nonstructural earthquake hazard. All of the noncompliant components should be entered as individual line items on the facility inventory form in this Appendix. As shown below, the form provides columns for the following information:

  • Priority: This can be added at the end after the priorities have been established.
  • Nonstructural Item: Name or description of nonstructural component.
  • Location: Information such as building, floor, or room number.
  • Quantity: Number of items, lineal feet, or square feet.
  • Risk Rating for Life Safety (LS), Property Loss (PL) and Functional Loss (FL) from Appendix E.
  • Notes: Space for comments regarding the current condition, presence or absence of anchorage details, proximity to other hazardous items, issues with secondary damage such as leaks or hazardous materials release, and whether the component in question is important for functionality of the facility. This might also include a photo number if photos of each item are taken to assist with the survey.

The inventory form provided here has been adapted from the spreadsheet provided by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation on their website under the heading "Online Orders/Free Tools." The website contains two types of downloadable survey forms: one in spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel) and one in database format (Microsoft Access). Both of these forms have built-in sorting algorithms so that components with high risk in any category can be shifted to the top of the list. These sorting criteria may be adjusted to suit individual needs. Survey forms can be customized to include cost data, which may be useful for prioritization and planning. Proprietary forms are also available for purchase from specialty vendors.

Sample nonstructural inventory form.
Sample inventory form for a facility located in an area with Moderate seismic risk. The sorting algorithm of the spreadsheet makes this a useful tool for prioritization. The electronic file is free to download from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation website.

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