FEMA E-74 Reducing the Risks of Nonstructural Earthquake Damage

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This category covers batteries and battery racks, often used as part of the emergency generation system. These may be mounted on a concrete floor, raised floor, wall, or roof.

Typical Causes of Damage

  • The racks may slide or overturn and batteries may slip or fall from the rack. Failure of the batteries may compromise the emergency power generation system or other functions that rely on backup battery power.

Damage Examples

Photo of collapsed battery rack in the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake.
Figure Earthquake Damage in the 1971 magnitude-6.6 San Fernando Earthquake ( Photo courtesy of John F. Meehan).

Seismic Mitigation Considerations

  • Seismic resistant battery racks are available from a number of vendors; these may be directly bolted to the floor or wall. Check the internet for available products.
  • For existing battery racks, check that the batteries are secured to the rack and that the rack is properly braced and anchored.

Mitigation Examples

Photo of seismic mitigation example showing well anchored battery rack.
Figure Anchored battery racks (Photo courtesy of Eduardo Fierro, BFP Engineers).

Photo of seismic mitigation example showing batteries anchored with equipment skid.
Figure Batteries anchored with equipment skid (Photo courtesy of Eduardo Fierro, BFP Engineers).

Seismic mitigation example showing battery rack that performed well.
Figure Battery rack that performed well in the 2010 magnitude-8.8 Chile Earthquake (Photo courtesy of Rodrigo Retamales, Rubén Boroscheck & Associates).

Mitigation Details

Seismic mitigation detail for premanufactured or custom-designed battery rack with bracing, for which engineering is required. The rack is anchored to concrete slab. Consult an engineering professional for implementation.
Figure Batteries and rack (ER).

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