QuakeSmart Toolkit: Step 3: How to Execute Your Earthquake Mitigation Project Plan

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Now that you have identified your risks and developed a mitigation project plan, it's time to take action. Ensure that your plan is fully approved by the owner (landlord if leasing), facility engineers, emergency managers, investment planners, and other pertinent decision makers within your business organization to ensure that the risks are understood, the strategies for addressing them are accepted, and that resources (i.e. staff, time, funds, etc.) are secured to ensure the effective execution and implementation of the plan.

It is also recommended for the project lead to coordinate with the human capital and customer service department so employees and customers can be informed of future activities as well as use this as an opportunity to market the company's dedication to safety. If your company plans to hire a professional or a contractor be sure to check references and ensure the contractor is experienced to do the work.

File cabinet braced to wall

Mitigation braces hold the cabinet to wall in case of earthquake. (Photo by John Shea/FEMA news photos).

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