FEMA E-74 Chapter 6.5 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment & Content Examples

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6.5 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) and Content Examples

The following table lists the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and content subcategories and component examples included in this chapter:

SubcategoryComponent ExampleType of Detail
6.5.1 Storage Racks6.5.1.1 Light Duty ShelvingNE, ER Industrial Storage RacksER
6.5.2 Bookcases, Shelving6.5.2.1 BookshelvesNE Library and Other ShelvingER
6.5.3 Computer and Communication Equipment6.5.3.1 Computer Access Floors and EquipmentER Computer and Communication RacksNE Desktop Computers and AccessoriesNE Televisions and Video Monitors, Wall-MountedNE
6.5.4 Hazardous Materials Storage6.5.4.1 Hazardous Materials StorageNE
6.5.5 Miscellaneous FF&E6.5.5.1 File CabinetsNE Demountable PartitionsNE Miscellaneous Furniture and FixturesNE
6.5.6 Miscellaneous Contents6.5.6.1 Shelf-Mounted ItemsNE Desktop, countertop itemsNE Fragile ArtworkNE Fire Extinguisher and CabinetNE

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