FEMA E-74 Chapter 6.3 Architectural Component Examples

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6.3 Architectural Component Examples

The following table lists the architectural subcategories and component examples included in this chapter:

SubcategoryComponent ExampleType of Detail
6.3.1 Exterior Wall Components6.3.1.1 Adhered VeneerER Anchored VeneerER Prefabricated PanelsER GlazingER Glass BlockER
6.3.2 Interior Partitions6.3.2.1 Interior Partition Walls, HeavyER Interior Partition Walls, LightER Glazed PartitionsER
6.3.3 Interior Veneers6.3.3.1 Stone, Tile, and Masonry VeneerER
6.3.4 Ceilings6.3.4.1 Suspended Lay-in Tile Ceiling SystemsPR Ceilings Applied Directly to StructureNE Suspended Heavy CeilingsPR
6.3.5 Parapets and Appendages6.3.5.1 Unreinforced Masonry ParapetsER
6.3.6 Canopies, Marquees, and Signs6.3.6.1 Canopies, Marquees, and SignsER
6.3.7 Chimneys and Stacks6.3.7.1 Unreinforced Masonry ChimneyER
6.3.8 Stairways6.3.8.1 StairwaysER
6.3.9 Freestanding Walls or Fences6.3.9.1 Freestanding Masonry Wall or FencePR

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