FEMA E-74 Chapter 6. Seismic Protection of Nonstructural Components

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Chapter 6. Seismic Protection of Nonstructural Components

Reducing nonstructural hazards requires a combination of common sense measures and additional protective measures that involve the installation of seismic anchorage and bracing. These measures are typically applied on a component basis or on a systems basis when continuity of service is desired. The protective measures recommended in this Chapter will go a long way toward reducing the earthquake hazards from nonstructural components. There are additional technologies available to reduce seismic forces and deformations that cause earthquake damage at the building level. Seismic isolation (commonly also referred to as base isolation) is one such technology that can be used to protect both structural systems and nonstructural components and contents from damage by altering the building response to earthquakes. While this chapter focuses on individual components, the performance of system depends on the collective behavior of the components comprising the system.

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