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The Public Assistance Program in Florida - What's Next?

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  • The first step in the reimbursement process is for the state, in coordination with FEMA, to conduct an Applicant Briefing with the counties, municipalities and non-profits on the process of submitting Requests for Public Assistance (RPAs).
  • After the Applicant Briefing is held, a FEMA specialist will conduct kick-off meetings, in coordination with the state and applicants, to discuss damages, needs assessment and to develop a plan of action.
  • Following that kick-off meeting, applicants have 60 days to identify and submit required paperwork for all damages.
  • A state and FEMA team will then meet with individual applicants to develop a detailed project plan documenting the eligible facility, eligible work and eligible costs for fixing damage.
  • Public Assistance grants can reimburse eligible costs for projects ranging from debris removal to beach erosion, repair and/or rebuilding a library or hospital for eligible applicants
  • FEMA reimburses no less than 75 percent of the eligible costs for emergency measures and permanent restoration.
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10/26/2012 - 10:01