Wishing the People of Connecticut A Safe and Joyous Thanksgiving Holiday

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On behalf of all of us working for FEMA throughout the State of Connecticut, I’d like to wish you and your families a safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday.  Many members of our FEMA family will be spending the Thanksgiving holiday among you, so I’d like to thank you in advance for your hospitality and friendship. I’d also like to take this opportunity to give heartfelt thanks to our nation’s military men and women, in particular those from Connecticut’s National Guard and Reserve, who’ll be spending Thanksgiving away from their families as they serve in countries around the world.

For the people of Connecticut, the past several weeks have undoubtedly been difficult; yet, the wallop of two back-to-back disasters with Topical Storm Irene and the Oct 29-30 severe storm in many ways have reminded us of the importance of family, friends and our neighbors. So, as you and your families begin your holiday travels throughout the state of Connecticut and beyond, it’s important to keep safety and preparedness in mind.  In an effort to keep us all safe during this holiday season, I’ve included a few safety tips and links to other useful resources:

Holiday Travel 

  • Be aware of weather conditions and allow extra time for winter travel. Before hitting the roads, check regional and local weather broadcast stations and on-line resources such as www.weather.gov or mobile.weather.gov for the latest weather forecasts.
  • When at all possible, try not to travel alone, and if you must, keep others informed of your schedule and planned travel routes.
  • Carry a "winter car kit" that includes a shovel, battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries, ice scraper, paper towels, extra clothes, blankets, matches and candles, booster cables, a compass, maps, emergency flares, sand and road salt, tow chain, and high calorie non-perishable food and water. A cell phone or two-way radio, if available, should complete the kit.
  • For more holiday travel safety tips visit http://blog.fema.gov/2011/11/planes-trains-and-automobiles-holiday.html

 Holiday Cooking 

  • Never leave cooking unattended.  If you must leave the kitchen while cooking have someone else keep an eye on what is being cooked.
  • Before you begin your holiday meal preparations remember that cooking equipment, most often a range or stovetop, is the leading cause of reported home fires and home fire injuries in the United States. Cooking equipment is also the leading cause of unreported fires and associated injuries.
  • For more information on holiday cooking safety tips from the U.S. Fire Administration visit http://blog.fema.gov/2011/11/holiday-cooking-safety.html
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