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Message from Federal Coordinating Officer Gerard M. Stolar

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FEMA and State of Louisiana Work in Partnership

Heavy rainfall across the middle Mississippi and Ohio River valleys over the past month led to historic, and in some cases record breaking rises on both rivers. As this water moved downriver, significant rises occurred along the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers through southeast and south central Louisiana.

In response to this situation and Gov. Bobby Jindal’s request for assistance, President Obama issued an emergency disaster declaration on May 6 enabling FEMA to support efforts to protect life and property.

We do this by supporting local jurisdictions and the state to protect life, insure safety and prevent future property loss; and to continue flood fight preparedness. The emergency declaration enables FEMA to assist the state and local jurisdictions with measures to protect life, insure safety and prevent future property loss.

Residents of this state know all too well the unyielding nature of floodwaters, and our local staff, many of whom also live here and who have worked recovery efforts throughout this state, are committed to best aiding wherever needed.

Throughout these weeks FEMA’s commitment to Louisiana has been strong — and we will continue to work shoulder to shoulder with the state of Louisiana and with our other federal partners, local governments and dozens of volunteer organizations to help Louisianans affected by the flooding rebuild their communities and their lives.

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