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Message From State Coordinating Officer David Maxwell

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State Coordinating Officer David MaxwellAs Arkansas has responded to recent disasters, we have seen the dedication and hard work of many disaster responders shine. Arkansans can be proud of their local and state responders for an exceptional job. The job isn’t over and we’re working with local governments to ensure they have all the tools and resources they need to continue to protect life and property. City, County, State and Federal government officials have been working diligently since mid-April to keep Arkansans safe.

At the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, my staff has been providing support to numerous agencies to coordinate these important resources around the state. With the assistance of our state agency partners and the Governor, we’ve been able to provide the needed support to keep Arkansans safe.

Governor Beebe has said on many occasions that the State is getting too good at dealing with disasters because we have had a lot of practice. Each disaster we’ve experienced is an opportunity to learn and get a little better. It is our goal to ensure that emergency response teams throughout Arkansas, which includes our citizens, local government, state government and the federal government, continue to provide the support needed to respond to and recover from these deadly tornadoes and massive flooding impacting the State.

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06/26/2012 - 14:45
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