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Message from Federal Coordinating Officer Nancy M. Casper

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Federal Coordinating Officer Nancy M. CasperThe past few weeks have ushered in some of the most devastating weather events Arkansas has seen in recent history. The storms, tornadoes and floods that began April 23 severely damaged homes, businesses and public infrastructure in many parts of the state — and unfortunately the flooding continues today.

Although our FEMA teams arrived soon after April’s clouds rolled out of Arkansas, helping hands from throughout the state had already started rushing assistance to thousands of Arkansans whose lives were turned upside down as a result of the disaster.

This help came from friends and family of the affected Arkansans, as well as countless volunteers, local communities, the private sector and agencies from the state and federal families. In other words, we saw members of the whole community turn out to lend a hand in one way or another.

FEMA assistance will play an important role in Arkansas’ recovery effort. However, each and every one of us is a member of the recovery team, with a collective focus on the needs of those Arkansans who are struggling right now. It will take the continued efforts of the whole community, not just the government, to help Arkansas recover from the catastrophic storms and tornadoes. Fortunately, we already have seen an outpouring of support for the survivors from many sides.

As the federal coordinating officer for this disaster recovery operation, I am honored to be working closely with David Maxwell, the state’s coordinating officer, as well as our friends and colleagues here in Arkansas. I look forward to strengthening our partnership with the state and with our other partners and stakeholders as we continue to help the survivors recover from the storms.

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06/26/2012 - 14:45