Mississippi Hurricane Katrina (DR-1604)

Incident period: August 29, 2005 to October 14, 2005
Major Disaster Declaration declared on August 29, 2005

Updates and Articles, Blogs, and News Releases

August 25, 2009
News Release
BILOXI, Miss. -- August 29 will mark four years since Hurricane Katrina pummeled Mississippi. Since then, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in partnership with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and other state and local governments and organizations, has helped the state rebuild stronger than it was before the 2005 storm. Billions of federal dollars have been spent during the past four years to help make rebuilding possible. The numbers listed below, some of which are rounded, feature highlights of the reconstruction process as of July, 2009.
August 11, 2009
News Release
BILOXI, Miss. -- Hurricane Katrina recovery is like putting together a car, one part at a time so it's a moving, synchronized machine. Hancock County is getting put back together that way, piece by piece. The economy is the steering wheel that will guide this storm-torn county off the assembly line on to new roads, new directions. The local stakeholders - business and property owners - have served as designers and drivers of their hurricane recovery. For assistance, they often seek expertise and funding from federal and state governments and nonprofit agencies.
August 6, 2009
News Release
Biloxi, Miss. -- The following is a summary of Mississippi recovery efforts from Aug. 29, 2005 through July 30, 2009: As of July 29, about 529 temporary housing units are still occupied in Mississippi - an 81 percent decrease from the 2,808 units occupied Jan. 1:
July 30, 2009
News Release
BILOXI, Miss. -- Federal Emergency Management Agency employees at its Area Field Office in Jackson are pitching in to help two food banks replenish their shelves. "The food drive is part of a federal government initiative, "Warm up to Giving," said AFO Director, Bill King. "This challenges agencies to donate one million pounds of food to local charity organizations by Aug. 28." 
July 27, 2009
News Release
BILOXI, Miss. -- Nearly 2,000 children in Mississippi's lower six counties know a little more about preparedness thanks to the FEMA in the Classroom program.  The Mississippi program developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency educates and involves children in disaster preparedness as a way to also engage parents and growcommunity awareness. The school program began in January 2008 and now reaches out to 4-H Clubs, Boys and Girls Clubs, a variety of summer day camps, two senior centers and most recently, the Harrison County Library System. 
July 13, 2009
News Release
BILOXI, Miss. - The following is a summary of Mississippi recovery efforts from Aug. 29, 2005 through July 7, 2009: FEMA's Individual Assistance program has provided nearly $1.3 billion to individuals and families in response to Hurricane Katrina:


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