Mississippi Severe Storms and Tornadoes (DR-1398)

Incident period: November 24, 2001 to December 17, 2001
Major Disaster Declaration declared on December 7, 2001

Updates and Articles, Blogs, and News Releases

December 18, 2001
News Release
Jackson, MS -- Most federal and state disaster assistance programs are designed to meet emergency needs in the form of disaster grants for immediate housing requirements and emergency repairs. These programs are meant to help people begin their recovery; they are not designed to return people's lives to their pre-disaster conditions.
December 16, 2001
News Release
Jackson, MS -- State and federal disaster recovery officials advise Mississippi residents who have disaster-related damage to be extremely careful when hiring contractors to clean up and repair their homes and businesses. "Although no incidents have been reported in this disaster so far, many times scam artists are ready to seize an opportunity to capitalize on the misfortune of others," said Gracia Szczech, the FEMA official in charge of long-term disaster recovery. "In the wake of disasters, dishonest contractors often flock to an area to rip off those seeking to rebuild."
December 14, 2001
News Release
Jackson, MS -- State and federal disaster recovery officials issued these recovery assistance tips today for residents of Mississippi who suffered uninsured or underinsured losses resulting from the severe storms, tornadoes and flooding which began November 24.
December 13, 2001
News Release
Jackson, MS -- Federal and state disaster officials urge people to take extra precautions when returning to flood-damaged homes, apartments or businesses. "The dangers are not over just because the water may have receded," State Coordinating Officer Leon Shaifer said. "Flood hazards such as exposed wires, contaminated floodwater, black mold, or structural deterioration are not always obvious but can be life-threatening. We urge people to be very careful."
December 12, 2001
News Release
Jackson, MS -- A grant program, administered by the State of Mississippi, has been activated to assist Mississippians cover the costs of disaster-related needs and expenses not covered by insurance or other programs, according to federal and state disaster recovery officials. "The federal grant program provides a safety net for people who have exhausted all other means of assistance and still have financial obligations resulting from the tornadoes, severe storms and flooding which began November 24," said Leon Shaifer, the state official in charge of disaster recovery.
December 10, 2001
News Release
Atlanta, GA -- Residents of 10 Mississippi counties whose homes were damaged or destroyed as a result of the recent tornadoes and flooding may be eligible for temporary housing assistance, according to state and federal officials coordinating the disaster recovery effort.


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