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Mission and Functions

The mission of the Defense Production Act (DPA) Program Division of the Office of Policy and Program Analysis is to provide guidance and support actions by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other Federal agencies to develop plans and programs to expedite and expand the supply of critical resources from the private sector for homeland security, emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation activities and critical infrastructure protection and restoration.  The DPA Program is responsible for implementing FEMA's DPA responsibilities, which include:

  • Advising the National Security Council on issues of national security resource preparedness and on the use of DPA authorities;
  • Providing for the central coordination of DPA plans and programs by Federal departments and agencies;
  • Providing DPA guidance and procedures under the DPA for Federal departments and agencies;
  • Establishing procedures to resolve conflicts and issues that may arise in implementing DPA authorities and functions; and
  • Reporting periodically to the President concerning DPA program activities.


  • The FEMA Administrator begins serving as Chairperson of the DPAC
    A Presidential memo, dated May 19, 2010, designates the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Defense as annual rotating Chairpersons of the DPAC. DHS Delegation 9001.1 delegates the Chairmanship to the Administrator of FEMA. On April 1, 2012, the Administrator took over as Chairperson. FEMA staff is working diligently to produce the third annual DPAC Report to Congress due on March 31, 2013.

  •  Executive Order (E.O.) 13603, “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” is signed by the President
    On March 16, 2012, President Barack Obama signed E.O. 13603. The new E.O. on National Defense Resources Preparedness replaces E.O. 12919 and delegates authorities for national defense resources, policies, and programs under the Defense Production Act (DPA), as amended. The new E.O. updates delegations of Presidential DPA authorities and functions to conform with amendments to the DPA since 1994 when E.O. 12919 was issued. In addition, the new E.O. establishes the Defense Production Act Committee (DPAC) and lists the seventeen member agencies.

  • FPAS System
    FEMA has initiated efforts to coordinate the development of a consistent and unified Federal Priorities and Allocations System (FPAS) that is administered by six Federal departments with respect to resources within each department's jurisdiction. The Department of Energy published the Energy Priorities and Allocation System (EPAS) Regulation [10 CFR Part 217] on June 9, 2011.

  • DPA EMI courses—IS 245 and IS 246
    o IS 245 – Introduction to the Defense Priorities and Allocations System
    This course introduces the Defense Priorities and Allocations System, which helps ensure the priority performance of contracts and orders for the timely delivery of critical materials and services to meet program requirements. This course is available at
    o IS 246— Implementing the Defense Priorities and Allocations System
    This course describes specific procedures for using Defense Priorities and Allocations System priority ratings for contracts and orders that support FEMA programs and emphasizes the role DPAS plays in support of FEMA’s mission. This course is available at and should be taken in conjunction with IS 245. 

  •  PL 111-67, "Defense Production Act Reauthorization of 2009" is signed into law
    On September 30, 2009, the President signed into law PL 111-67, "Defense Production Act Reauthorization of 2009" that contains significant amendments designed to clarify and emphasize the potential use of DPA authorities in support of homeland security programs, including disaster preparedness and response activities and protection and restoration of critical infrastructure operations.  For more information, please visit the "DPA Reauthorization of 2009" for more information.


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