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David L. Myers

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David L. Myers photoDavid L. Myers is the Director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships. Appointed by President Obama in 2009, Myers heads one of 13 such centers in the federal government under the White House Office of Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships.

The DHS Center is located in the Federal Emergency Management Agency where Myers and his staff work to build, sustain and improve effective partnerships between DHS and faith-based and voluntary organizations. In this role, Myers has personally led Center efforts at major disasters, working closely with senior governmental, state, local, faith-based and voluntary groups.

Myers’ position requires daily coordination with White House and FEMA leadership. The Center’s mission includes building connections to communities and groups marginally affiliated with emergency management systems. To accomplish this, Myers devotes much of his time supporting FEMA’s voluntary agency liaisons and visiting FEMA regions, states and U.S. territories as a direct representative of White House and FEMA leadership.

Prior to joining DHS, Myers served faith-based and neighborhood organizations as an executive director and minister for twenty-five years, primarily in Chicago. These included Teen Living Programs, Center for Public Ministry, and three Mennonite congregations. Myers is a father of two adult children, and a grandfather of one grandchild.

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