Two West Virginia DAEs Receive Safety Awards

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By Sherre Calouri/External Affairs/Planning and Products/West Virginia JFO

At the West Virginia Joint Field Office in Charleston, Federal Coordinating Officer Dolph Diemont presented two veteran Disaster Assistance Employees with safety awards for their work in identifying all safety hazards that might impact employees working in the field. Diemont presented the awards at a JFO All-Hands meeting.

Jerry Leadman, Hazard Mitigation supervisor, and Kathleen Brown, a Public Assistance crew leader, volunteered for the task of documenting potential safety hazards and developing recommendations for mitigating them. They analyzed all facilities and equipment. This information was included in the JFO’s safety plan.

Not many people understand the work that goes into developing a safety plan for a JFO. “This is not cookie cutter work. Larry Bannister, safety officer, said. “Every location presents different safety challenges so it’s important that we have people willing to pay special attention to the details.”

“In this case, these two individuals demonstrated exemplary performance,” he added.

According to Diemont, workplace safety is always the highest priority.

“It’s important to recognize our employees who take action to make sure that priority becomes a reality,” he said.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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