Video Tele-Conference for Reservist Program Implementation

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Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012

1 to 2 p.m. EDT

To ensure that all new Reservists and DAEs have an opportunity to watch the meeting in its entirety the following viewing options will be provided:

Reservists/DAEs deployed in the Washington D.C. area will be able to view the meeting on FEMA’s internal Channel 13.

Reservists/DAEs deployed outside the D.C. area can participate via FEMA’s video teleconferencing system. Please check with your manager for the office location of the VTC at the JFO or Region.

Reservists/DAEs who are not deployed can watch the meeting by webcast. To access this, log onto No password or user ID is required. This stream can be accessed outside the firewall only.

In addition, next week the complete video will be posted at FEMA.Gov.

Viewers who require captioning of the event can view live captions at or on a mobile device by going to and entering Event ID# 2019899.

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