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This is a reminder to let all know we are currently in the DHS second period of the year for completion of a DHS Employee Preparedness Initiative (EPI) course.  The requirement is to complete one course each 6 months.

All FEMA employees must complete one of the courses listed in the DHS EPI Curriculum within the FEMA Employee Knowledge Center (FEKC) by February 28, 2013.

DHS EPI courses are counted twice each fiscal year in line with DHS dates guidance.

Per DHS confirmation, the current 6-month period for DHS EPI course completions accounting is 1 September thru 28 February.

This would be a good time to remind employees in your respective areas, to select and complete their next EPI course, if they have not done so.

You can access the EPI Curriculum in the FEKC by logging in and selecting the following:

  • Learning Center
  • Course Catalog
  • In the “Search Text” box type “EPI” and hit Search
  • Scroll down to “Employee Preparedness Initiative (EPI)
  • Open the curriculum and choose a course to complete.

Please refer any questions to Darren Moten at darren.moten@dhs.gov or call 202-212-2082.

    Note: Some courses on the EPI Curriculum are the same as those listed on the mandatory matrix.  Taking the course from the EPI Curriculum location will count as completion for the mandatory requirement.

If you have problems accessing the FEKC, please email FEKC@fema.gov.

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07/24/2014 - 16:00
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