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The following are a list of fact sheets related to Continuity of Operations (COOP):

  • Continuity Assitance Review Team  June 2014
    The National Continuity Programs (NCP) Continuity of Operations Division develops and provides continuity guidance to state, territorial, tribal, and local government jurisdictions.
  • Determined Accord Workshop April 2014
    Determined Accord is a multi-agency pandemic workshop designed to increase Federal and Non-Federal governmental jurisdiction continuity readiness for a pandemic event, mitigate vulnerabilities during a pandemic outbreak and identify pandemic planning gaps or weaknesses in organization continuity plans, policies and procedures.
  • Eagle Horizon April 2014
    Eagle Horizon is a mandatory, annual, integrated continuity exercise for all federal executive branch departments and agencies (D/As), as required by National Continuity Policy. The Eagle Horizon series of exercises allows the executive branch to implement integrated, overlapping national continuity concepts in order to ensure the preservation of our government.
  • Guardian Accord Workshop June 2014
    Guardian Accord is an inter-organizational continuity terrorism workshop designed to increase continuity awareness, preparedness, planning and coordination between Federal and Non-Federal entities.
  • Mission Essential Functions Workshop June 2014
    The Mission Essential Functions Workshop is designed to help Federal, state, territorial, tribal, and local government jurisdictions with guidance, a methodology, and checklist to identify, assess, and validate their essential functions. 
  • Resilient Accord Workshop June 2014
    Resilient Accord is an inter-organizational continuity cyber security workshop designed to increase continuity of operations awareness and discuss how to execute continuity operations during a cyber security event.
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