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How can communities build resiliency? We want to hear from you

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Feeling creative and interested in emergency preparedness?  Want to participate in our ongoing challenge?  We’ve got just the thing for you. 

As part of Administrator Fugate's challenge, we're looking for ideas on how your family, school, workplace or community can be better prepared before a disaster strikes.  Maybe your idea is about the best way to start a Community Emergency Response Team in your community.  Or perhaps you’d like to see preparedness information passed out in your local school system.

If you have an idea on preparedness, we’d love to hear about it.  And while you have your thinking cap on, we wanted to provide a few of the 100+ submissions that we’ve received so far (in no particular order):

I encourage you to submit your idea on or send it in an e-mail.  All the submissions will be judged by FEMA leadership and the winning idea will be featured on

So be creative, and best of luck!

And even though our Challenge is still open, maybe someone submitted an idea that you think can be implemented in your community today, so I encourage you to look at all of the submissions and share them with others.

- Shayne

About the Challenge
The deadline is January 29, 2010 and all submissions will be judged based on originality, level of community engagement, and ease of implementation.  Challenge submissions are moderated before posting to the site.

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What ever happened to this challenge... the oft pushed back final TBD Winner date of May 11, 2011 has come and gone with no results...

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